Back to Normal

I need my normal.

So I drove over to Leradale with Floss and found it.

And huzzah, my luggage has appeared and was brought by taxi to me, which made me much happier and relieved.  Now I get my own hairbrush – I had looked at Teddy’s and even I thought I couldn’t.

Having spent the night worrying, rather than sleeping properly, it was good to be reunited with my clothes and essentials. I will rethink packing in future.

Last night I lay awake and wondered about every tweak and twinge which made me think I have probably brought Covid back with me to my family.

But I am testing daily and so far, so good.  All negative. My imagination is too vivid, especially at 3 a.m.  I need to calm down and find my normal.

So I went about my day feeling very glad to be home.

This is my normal. I need it all around me.

I spent the afternoon wrapping presents, watching David Lean’s Great Expectations thinking life is good and didn’t they know how to make proper films in those days. No CGI and blue screen.  Just excellent films.  I now sound like my mother!

5 thoughts on “Back to Normal

  1. Sam

    I am glad you are finally and completely home, hairbrush and all. Take time to explore your normal. Nice to see all the sweet noseys you get to kiss.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Sorry about your restless night…..(I had one of those too),. , but so glad you’re back home and getting back into the normal routine.


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