Not Really Coping Today

Today has been an awful day.

Two terriers behaving about as badly as two terriers can behave + with me in a foul temper = a very bad day.

I can’t write much. I don’t feel like it and it wouldn’t be pretty.

Anywho, this is Taktur (from my bedroom window this morning) waiting for his breakfast. A dear boy.

On the other side, the moon was setting. I have never seen that before.


Vitamin as 12.30 – the sun was about to leave.

Minions eating cauliflower stalks.

Dearest Darling Lambie.

Luckily he had his Winning Smile and instantly I feel better now

Suffice it to say someone has been renamed “Muriel” because she is Terrible.

And my back hurts.

12 thoughts on “Not Really Coping Today

  1. Jan Knight

    Frances , you have been through so much recently. Your grief with the loss of your dear mother will take time to heal and you miss her so much. The pain from your back just adds to you feeling miserable , I know what that’s like. Take a day at a time and give yourself a break. Take care of yourself.

  2. Suzanne Kelly

    Wishing you well. Sorry about terriers and your back. Delighted you have your four legged friends for company, not least beautiful, sweet Lambie.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    You are forgiven for not writing much whenyou provide such stunning photographs! I hope tomorrow is a better day and that your back pain reduces overnight.

  4. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Stress settles in our vulnerable parts. Knees, back migraines in the head.
    Remember to be gentle with yourself you have been through alot and it is catching up with you.
    Enjoy your critters (even those who are behaving badly) and perhaps a cup of tea . Sending virtual hugs and healing wishes.

  5. diane in northern wis

    Take good care, Frances. You will have those days, but things will get better. I wish Monster would whack Pepper a good one! She needs Ted to play with.

  6. Mo Hall

    Hugs, support, swearing and anything else that will help. Thankfully, grief is a process, get through, whatever it takes.

    That picture of the moon setting is wonderful and very evocative of how I feel about the whole process,

    Life sets, like the moon.
    An ending of the cycle,
    It’s passing regretted,
    It’s beauty lost.

    We grieve in the darkness of it’s absence.
    the loss of the illumination it provided in our life.

    There will be more moons, but none like this one.

    One day, Frances, you will be able to celebrate that your mum existed, just as I am beginning to be able to celebrate that Nick was part of my life, along with my mum, my lost children, and not be overwhelmed by the pain of her loss. I am beginning to be at the start of the next cycle. It is excruciating, but that pain measures the love you had for your mum. Excruciating.

    Much love


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