Finally Arrived Home

Going home today. It took 11 hours door to door. I am exhausted so will keep this brief.

At Heathrow, I found a quiet spot and made camp.

Social distancing is not something others do so I perfected a hiss worthy of any orc from Lord of the Rings along with my Death Stare.  Folk moved away quickly.  Good, good.

Farewell to England.

And hello Scotland.

The sun was setting.

I spent a couple of hours in Aberdeen Airport.

The planes get smaller the more north you go.

And eventually I am home in Shetland.

But my luggage is now lost so I fill in forms with promises of its’ appearance one day. I am hopeful as there was quite a few of us.  Then I drive home.

My bed calls.

7 thoughts on “Finally Arrived Home

  1. Stephanie

    Glad you are home. Such an ordeal in ordinary times and more so during this pandemic. My thoughts were with you during the whole time and happy you are home with the sheeples, the doggies, the ponies, the family, and all the rest of your friends.

  2. diane in northern wis

    So glad you made it back home safe and sound, Frances. Sorry about your luggage….I hope it will turn up soon! I’m sure everybody at your house and surroundings is very glad to see you back again. Get some good rest and thank you for keeping us all informed on how your trip went.

  3. Mary Colleen McNamara

    so glad you are home safe nd sound. Hope your luggage finds you . Now that you are home I am sure all the critters hooman and others know that things are looking up. Get some well deserved rest. You did good .

  4. Christine

    A plaid plane! A perfect way to bring you home. May your Holidays be filled with love, warmth, and a glass (or two) of cheer.


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