An Eviction and an Introduction

Today we evicted Anna.


To be fair, I did clean her new abode first.  OH did the outside and I wafted about with some Flash and Febreze inside.

L1020132 L1020133

Now I am very proud of my little caravan. It is my home-from-home and I think Anna will be very happy there.


Now it is her home-from-home.


She brought friends.


(All this is because Flossie is coming home with 2 of her friends next week and we have run out of floor space in the bedrooms in what Daisy calls our Hobbit Hole and what I call Our Home)

This is Anna’s immediate view. I don’t think she will complain.


BeAnne has taken up residence too.


To make up for this eviction and to also blag some mattresses, Bessie came over with the necessary supplies and her gorgeous 5 month old Yorkshire terrier puppy, Mootie.


We all duly fell in love!


Some were a tad jealous, it has to be said ,and went into a bit of a film star decline.


Surprisingly, Jack was very happy, though, to see a new dog in his house which makes me wonder whether we should get another lurcher.


This is a very sensitive subject with OH who is adamant that we don’t at present, if at all.  He says I am in no fit state to look after another dog, let alone the two we have, yer, yer, yer.


I am upstairs sulking (plotting) with the cat now.


5 thoughts on “An Eviction and an Introduction

  1. rebekah

    I absolutely love Annas new home, do you think she would like a swap? She can come live in central bristol and i will stay with you!! x

  2. Crickett

    Nice caravan (we call them trailers here). Like the layout. (Hey wait a minute. I had that carpet in my apartment before I put in the wood floors.) I envy the housing and the view.


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