Taktur’s going on his summer holiday

Sing to the Tune of Summer Holiday
(the Cliff Richard version, please)

Taktur’s going on his summer holiday
no more working for a month or three
Fun and laughter on his summer holiday,
no more worries for him and me,
for a month or three

He’s going where the sun shines brightly
He’s going where the grass is green
we’ve all seen it in my photos
now let’s see if we mean…..

Taktur has his summer holiday
doin’ things he always wanted to
So he’s going on his summer holiday,
to make his dreams come true

not animal glue
not animal glue!

(lyrics slightly changed by me!)


Yes, the my Icelandic stallion has earned his summer holiday.  He has worked hard for his trainer, Bjørn Roar Larsen, since December and now he can show a half decent slow tölt, he can have a rest.

Daisy had the last ride/lesson on Taktur to give Bjørn the opportunity to watch his gaits, movement and conformation.

BN2A8200 BN2A8242 BN2A8250 BN2A8267 BN2A8308

When they had finished, he was allowed to walk around and stretch.


They make a lovely couple.


While Daisy groomed him, ready for his conformation photo..


….. Anna had a lesson from Bjørn on Haakon.  She has ridden my horse a few times but this was her first time without stirrups.


She did very well and Haakon did the best tölt I have seen for a long time.  I hope we have converted her!

BN2A8480 BN2A8553 BN2A8578

Next, time for Taktur´s conformation photo.  I am not sure which one I like best but I am impressed and very happy with his development.

BN2A8677 BN2A8695

Shoes off for the summer.

BN2A8709   BN2A8720

So that’s it for the Taktur now.  He gets the summer off to eat, grow stronger and have fun with his friends.  A huge thank you to Bjørn for his commitment to training my stallion.  Without him, none of this would’ve been possible.  They make a good team.



5 thoughts on “Taktur’s going on his summer holiday

  1. Karen

    Stunning! Taktur looks and sounds amazing and has stirred up all my girlhood longings for a horse (which was never realised, though I did ride on friends ponies regularly and at the local stables). We are up to Shetland in August…is there anyone who is in the hacking business?
    Hope you are on the mend too Frances.

  2. Frances Post author

    I am not sure who does what these days, Karen. Best ask at the Tourist Information Centre at Market Cross in Lerwick. Have a lovely time xx

    1. Karen

      Ok thanks very much, I’ll do that when we arrive. We are staying up in Vidlin this time 🙂 and I can’t wait for August to come around. I love the varied weather and landscape In Shetland especially as I hate really hot weather, cities and crowds.


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