Oh, wicked, bad, naughty Zoot!

The girls and I set off to see the bebbies at Sandness, 4 miles down the road. We found the mothers and aunt were settled but there were no bebbies to be seen.  No one seemed all that concerned.


So, we climbed over their fence in search of their little ones who were not very far away but had gone off for a spot of exploring.


Zoot and Dingo were having a lovely time racing through the marsh marigolds, as far away as they dared from their mummies.

BN2A8860 BN2A8861

It was very obviously Zoot’s brilliant idea.


She was having a great time but Dingo (aka Arg Lucky Charm) immediately raced back to her mum.

BN2A8887 BN2A8883

She knew exactly how to negotiate the fence which makes me think she has done this before.


Then Zoot suddenly realised that she was on her own and beetled back too, fairly smartly.

BN2A8914 BN2A8916

And, yes, she ducked easily under the fence. Caught!


They looked like butter woudn’t melt.  A happy family once again.


Zoot soon redeemed herself, however, by spending time with Anna and Daisy.  Dingo just stayed back to watch.


BN2A8954 BN2A8974

There was much foal-snogging while Dingo watched from a distances. I wonder when and if she will ever come up to talk to us.  She is taking it all in, though.

BN2A9000 BN2A9047

So, we left them on a beautiful sunny, dare I say it, Shetland Spring afternoon to eat and have fun but preferably not to escape again.


There be dragons…….  beyond that fence.


4 thoughts on “Oh, wicked, bad, naughty Zoot!

  1. Roberta

    Why is it Shetties manage to look angelic………………….even up to their ears in it……………you can never really stay angry for long…………………is it the eyes or the total forelorn look. Out ANGEL (fergus) has started opening the float side door…….while we are moving………………………now locked in and WE have the key…….teeth marks prove it.


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