To Town

I had a day out in town today.  A scheduled eye check-up first and then I wandered about just enjoying time away from my usual home routine.

I did a spot of shopping….

And I even bought myself some new shoes.  I am very pleased with them and the first thing I noticed was just how comfortable and supportive of my feet they were.  So, like a very proud child,  I wore them all day, putting my old boots (which suddenly looked grubby and old) in the box!

New shooooooooooes!

I checked on the shop sheep in their field and was told they didn’t need anymore, for the time being.  Let’s hope they do soon as I have four full bags ready to go.

Folk were about, which was nice. Let’s hope they are all in a hand-felted Shetland sheep buying mood (possibly, to help fund the new shoes – which were still being very comfortable).

And then I discovered the reason for the folk on the street.  A gorgeous tall-ship had come into dock.

Christian Radich is a Norwegian fully-rigged ship built in 1937.  Apparently you can learn to sail on her (and if you know me, you know my thoughts on sailing *** shudders ***. I learned the hard way 🤢🤮 with my father sailing around Cape Wrath being shouted at).

Anywho, Christian Radich was gorgeous and I wandered around taking photos and thanking the Gods I never have to sail again.  It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a beautiful boat, I just don’t want to go onboard, ever.

I got all my messages done, found some bargains, had a good chat with nice folk and went home refreshed and ready for my usual challenges.  It’s good to have a change of scene. I needed that and I still love my new shoooooooes!

2 thoughts on “To Town

  1. Sam

    New shoes makes everyday good. Most back and leg issues benefit from 2 prs of good shoes that you rotate. I am with you about admiring a ship from the dock and not on it.


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