A Meh Day

I am just feeling a bit meh at the moment.  I can’t ride. I watch Daisy and I want to go out riding with her on my horse.  Klængur’s hoof is growing out and he is resting. Saturday brings the equine physio and then later on in the month, our farrier.  I don’t want to rush Klængur’s recovery at all but it would be nice to know whether it is hoof that hurts him or something else.  I would completely understand if it was his hoof. It looks nasty.  My poor boy.  We miss our fun together.  I don’t even want to take him out for walks like this.

However, Klængur is enjoying his rest (photo from yesterday).

So I spent this morning putting books on Ebay to sell that need a new home and I need the cash.  Nothing spectacular – all about wine. In fact, every known book about French wine.  I have piles of them to flog.

Anyway, I still love my wee shed. It is a perfect refuge.

I adore everything in here and I love the fact that it is my space, just for me (and anyone else who pitches up!)

The view is pretty spectacular too.

The ducklings are now almost ducks – all 11 of them.

They are feeling pretty meh too.  I think tomorrow is Duck Day. We will open the gates and they can explore the outside world and let’s all pray they don’t get eaten, can find their way into a shed at bedtime and leave peacefully with their relations.

My reason for feeling meh – I read the news today, oh boy. It was awful. I cried and thought there seems to be nothing good in the world.  It was all a bit too much.




12 thoughts on “A Meh Day

  1. Sam

    The news is too overwhelming right now. So, meh day it is. Sorry you can’t Klaengur out for a ride.
    But the ducks look rather healthy. And clearing out bookcases is hard work but rather satisfying in the end.
    Allows for the complete Louise Penny series now.

  2. M in NC

    Hi Frances, thanks for the wee-duckie update. Good to know they are doing well in the shelter. How is Mom? Or has she escaped confinement? I can commiserate with Klængur. Unhappy feet are almost as bad as an unhappy back . I think I feel the same about the news both local, national and world-wide. It’s just too much. So I take a deep breath and just keep on going. At least you have some lovely views from your personal work space. When you have a chance, post some more felted sheep pictures. They always make me smile. Some remind me of Sean-the-sheep. Always good for a laugh!

    M in NC

  3. annie vanderven

    yes sorry world, we can only pray. one of my grandson is joining the Royal navy as a war officer, am keeping my mouth shut but does not mean I don’t keep my fingers crossed behind my back!!!

  4. Judith Garbutt

    Sorry you’re feeling so low, Frances. I agree about the news – too depressing. Have you thought about a hoof boot to give a bit of protection while the hoof heals. I think there are some you can leave on for longer periods. Might be worth a Google?

    1. Frances Post author

      we do have hoofboots. to be honest, it is not troubling him at the moment. While he potters around the field, he seems happy enough. I just hate seeing it and doing nothing. x

  5. darby callahan

    I agree the news has been so overwhelmingly terrible these days. but I am happy to see that the ducks have been thriving, you certainly did a good job with them. here’s hoping Mother Nature will look on them kindly. and you do have the most amazing scenery. here is to better tomorrows.

  6. Suzanne Kelly

    The funny thing about when the news is grim, yoi and your wonderful animals provide me and others a break from it.
    Now, what is the name please of your Ebay shop?

  7. Anne maree

    I know how you feel, the world seems a bit meh now! We have another outbreak here in Oz and are back in lockdown which doesn’t help either! Anyway the ducks are looking great they certainly have grown!

  8. diane in northern wis

    Your shed is looking so awesome. I would be very happy spending time in there too.
    Hope Klaengur’s hoof will be much better soon.
    As far as the news goes…oh my…..what a horrible time to live through. I am praying constantly for people in so many troubled parts of the world. Don’t know what tomorrow will bring for any of us. I’m just thankful that my parents aren’t around any more. Take each day as it comes Frances, and do the best that you can and send up a prayer or two for others, if you should be so inclined.

  9. May

    Yeah, there’s a lot of news out there to make one meh. Here in America we seem to be having a particularly trying week (and our Afghan allies). But good news has always been smaller, quieter. But even in the worse of it, it’s there and every bit as important.

    I look forward to news from Shetland; thanks for that.


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