Ducky Wucky Day

Today was the day so first we made a plan.  We always have a plan. We like plans. Plans are good.

We began by moving our duckpond.

We did this before everyone was allowed out of their house.

There was forethought needed for the construction and building.

The great release. Ta da!

We kept as much of their old stuff around so they it wouldn’t all be new, unfamiliar and smell wrong.

There was some initial exploring.

Later on, I found Mother Duck sitting happily watching her brood. She has done so well and still won’t leave them.  She had a little fly around us which made us smile.

Our chickens are taking full advantage of the unlimited food.  Total blaggers. I am ashamed of them. Apparently Mother Duck had a row with a chicken.  It was wings at dawn.

The little ones are relucant to go anywhere without Mother.  They like the familiarity of their old shed but have moved back into the original one (much bigger) so hopefully they will sleep there at night. It is much easier to shut them in.

So all is good on the ducky-wucky front and I am pleased (if not a bit relieved too).


3 thoughts on “Ducky Wucky Day

  1. Sam

    Lucky Ducky Wuckys to live with you. Did think “clown car” when they all came waddling out of the house. Amazing how many can squeeze inside. Makes one want to see that Tetris game in action. As for chickens – always looking for a new opportunity to take more (insert food, pool, food, space, food).

  2. diane in northern wis

    Your ducks are looking great and growing great. I like how you make plans and carry them out so well. And they usually work out well too! Hope all goes well for this big family of ducks. You sure do have a lot of critters in your care!!!


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