The Feeble Forelock

I was on my way out the door off to see the Minions when I saw this lot fast asleep in the never-ending fog we seem to be plagued with.

As I approached, Haakon stood up and I was greeted with even less forelock than last time I looked properly.

He doesn’t look like Haakon anymore.

I can’t get my head around my de-forelocked horse that is meant to be my beloved old boy.

Especially when he makes these kinds of faces.

A feeble forelock makes Haakon’s ears look much bigger too.  A too bit donkey-like.

Meanwhile, everyone else is flashing their magnificent hair at us.

And Haakon has this miserable little affair.

Poor old lad. He has never looked so bad.

He used to be so beautiful.  I shall now scan the internet for forelock growth products.

I left them all to it and walked back over the field to clamber over the fence.

Obviously I was followed by the girls, while Haakon grumbled about his male-pattern baldness problems.

Edited to add if you can recommend any product you have used successfully on your horse, please let me know. x

3 thoughts on “The Feeble Forelock

  1. M in NC

    Did someone assist Haakon with late summer haircut or do you believe all the other herd members are innocent and the hair just broke off?

    M in NC

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Years ago one of our colts chewed off his mothers forelock and also did a number on her tail.
    As someone wrote maybe the girls are grooming him and there goes the forelock. Maybe they like him looking “punky”.
    Are there hair extensions for horses ? 😉


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