A Day in a Life

This is Wee One, aka Pepper, last night while I made another sheeple after supper.

I try to make at least three sheeple a day as it is Wool Week and this is my last gasp at making any money this year.  The cruise ship season has just about dried up too.

This morning I came downstairs to find Monster blocking my egress.

Luckily, I managed a clear round as I jumped over him.  I don’t trust that cat not to roll over and try and get me.  He has form.

And then later on. Ok, Monster had moved, but not very far.  This is the same rug.  The underfloor heating is obviously very effective in this spot says the person who then went and turned it off!

Pepper heard me talking to Monster about his always being in the way.

And, like me, this is the face of someone who hates needless affection. I am not a hugger and neither is Monster.  I love his expression.  Ugh, get off!

This afternoon, and I was back in my shed making more sheeple.

These are from the past two days.  One more to make tonight.

The boys are fed in the afternoon and then again after my supper.

Obviously they have to share one haynet box while another lies deserted not very far away.

The girls get another (one of many) soaked feed block.  Vitamin is very keen on this.  She likes to wear her food.

So that’s my day. Add some ducks to feed endlessly and dogs to walk and that’s what I do.

2 thoughts on “A Day in a Life

  1. Judith

    My sheeples are still on a mantelpiece. They were supposed to be put away with the Christmas decorations but somehow escaped the box (well they look so appealing).


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