Everyone But Waffle

This morning, I opened up a small part of the field for the Minions.  Their track is inevitably turning to mud and they are becoming fed up.

The boys were all very happy at the thought of a bit of grass.

All except Waffle, who stayed behind to eat the Old Ladies’ last night leftovers.

Old soaked hay is apparently better than a new piece of grazing.

Enjoy Waffle!

The track set-up is mostly working. My one strand of electric fence is doing its job, though I am not optimistic it won’t be breached soon by a certain small someone, who I think is looking a little bit thinner.

Newt was in a wicked giggly trotty mood this morning.  He was very pleased with himself about something. I ignored him.

And there’s less of Silver too, which is encouraging.  I have upped everyone’s hay ration as the weather is deteriorating again over the next few days.

2 thoughts on “Everyone But Waffle

  1. Julia in California

    Omg those little faces of theirs are so cute!! I would never be able to stop giving them kisses.

    Hope Madame Vitamin is feeling better too! She’s been in my thoughts the last few days 🙂


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