A Break Through Moment

You may remember when we rescued these two thin and starving Shetland ewes off the hill (with the permission of the Grazings Clerk) who had their ear tags removed and no identity, at the end of January? – the blog post

And you remember how thin and desperate it all was?

And while Edna was friendly, Madge always kept her distance and was very wary of everyone and everything.

(seeing these photos, makes me feel sick)

Of all the sheep, Madge was, and remains, the most scatty.

Well (drum roll, please), today she let me stroke the top of her head for as long as I wanted to and took a turmeric capsule (which are tiny) from my hand to eat.

You have no idea what a big deal this is for Madge and a huge breakthrough for me.  Mentally, she is not particularly a changed sheep. Ok, perhaps in size maybe (she is mahoosive) but she suddenly calmed down.  She knows that even if she is bullied off treats, I will go and find her to give her fair share.  I look her firmly in the eye and we reach an agreement that no matter what (or who – that would be ‘Ster who can be an arse), I will get that treat to her.  She trusts me.

I am feeling very emotional *** sniff *** and when I remember in just what a sad and awful state she and Edna were in when they came to us 10 months ago. Then there is more sniffing. How our lives have changed for the better.

Edna – October 2020


13 thoughts on “A Break Through Moment

  1. Sam

    Nothing beats the moment an animal decides to trust you, even Madge. You have done wonders with her and the patience to wait her out is amazing. Little Miss Maine Coon came to us as an adult who was probably hit (trash bags and hands coming from above would make her cringe). Now? A total love bug. Took time (and lowering the winter heat temp to make one’s lap more appealing), but we got there. Still can’t pick her up but I am good with that.

    Well done you, Frances, well done!

  2. Judith Garbutt

    They were such lucky sheep to be rescued by you. It was inevitable that poor little Madge would eventually learn to trust you. xx

  3. Nicki

    They certainly landed on their cloven hooves with you and your patience and care has paid off. I’m sure in time the beautiful Madge (fabulous face) will be sat next to you and you’ll both be putting the world to rights. I must say looking back was heartbreaking you’ve done a tremendous job xx

  4. May

    You give a terrific example of how love, kindness, and patience can gain back trust. Something to keep in mind for humans as well. Well done!

  5. Gail Lawson

    OH my, how they have prospered. The contrast is hard to believe. And her trust in you has been earned and is a great gift. You are honored.

  6. diane in northern wis

    It’s just amazing how wonderful Madge and Edna look now, compared to when you first rescued them. You really know how to take care of critters…..small and large. and they know it too. And you’re so fair with treats , even with bullies around. No wonder they love you, Frances. Thanks for a really endearing blog today. It brings a tear to my eyes!

  7. Louise Stopford

    What a truly wonderful outcome – for Madge and for you. You have worked wonders with those (once upon a time) poor sheep. Now you can just see how loved and cared for and wanted they are. You are a wonderful kind person Frances and the fabulous condition of all your animals just shows how caring you are.

  8. Linda

    These photos definitely bring a tear to my eye as well, and a LOT of gratitude that people like you are in the world!


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