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Every day, Floss and I drive over to feed Brá who lives about 7 miles away with her friends.  Recently we have been seeing a lone sheep talking to folk. So two days ago, on our way home, I stopped the car, and asked if anyone owned the sheep.  I then fed her and found she had a friend too.

The older sheep was very tame.  She came straight up.  She was very obviously someone’s caddy (bottle fed).

Her friend was shyer, so we put more food on the ground for both of them.  They were both very thin.

Yesterday, we fed the ewes again and I asked a few more questions. No one owned them. The first one had turned up in December and then a few weeks later the other one appeared.  Neither had tags though holes where tags had been…..

I phoned the crofter who has sheep in that particular part of the hill and he said they were not his.  I also phoned our Grazings Clerk and told him I wanted to offer them a home.  He agreed this would be best.

So today we took the van and went about our usual activities.  Once finished, we stopped off where the sheep were.

Floss and I were nervous about whether they would load but no, they both walked straight in, no fuss, no discussion!

A quick drive home and we welcomed them to Thordale.

They girls are very good about following so, as there was about to be torrential rain, I took them into the stable and put down more feed plus some hay.

After my lunch, I went back to the stable, sat down on a horse-rug and waited.

While the older ewe is very tame – like a kind gentle big dog – the younger one is apprehensive.

This old ewe is a sweetie.  She is lame on her front left (holds it up while standing) and limps. I think it is arthritis so I offered her the TurmerAid and she wolfed down a good quantity. That should help.

She also quickly plonked herself down.

Friend sheep (who I think is her daughter) kept her distance.  She is coughing so tomorrow I will drench them both.

I also think they may be pregnant – the rams are in the hill.  The vet is coming on Monday to check them over and we will discuss how best to deal with this then.

They are not thrilled with hay and I want them to be eating all the time, so once the rain had done its worst, I let them out to spend tonight outside if they want.

I am glad they are home now.

As for the Boyzens?  Well, after breakfast, they went “down the pub” and when they come home tomorrow morning, we will make the introductions.  Well, that’s the plan.

I just couldn’t keep driving past. They need to be loved.



29 thoughts on “More Sheeple

  1. Celeste

    Hurray! Good on you! They have found their way to the very best home a sheep could have. I hope they thrive, grow and integrate well into your family. Congratulations on your new arrivals!

  2. M in NC

    I second the ‘Well Done’!

    Hopefully being ewes, the Boyzens won’t be too put out.
    And if they are, well they will just have deal with it.
    I wonder if Lambie will have the most to get over since the older ewe is so comfortable around people that she seeks affection, food and company for nap.

    M in NC

  3. Michelle

    I am smiling ear to ear, as I remember when I first started reading your blog that you were pretty dismissive of sheep. So tickled they have won you over!

  4. darby callahan

    Just look at those sweet faces, so happy they will have the love they deserve. I never doubted from the first photo that they would become part of your little family. I hope they thrive in your care.

  5. Joe Boyd

    This story reminds me of a Dean Martin song. These ewes may now be singing:

    Everybody loves somebody sometime
    Everybody falls in love somehow
    Something in your kiss just told me
    My sometime is now

    Everybody finds somebody someplace
    There’s no telling where love may appear
    Something in my heart keeps saying
    My someplace is here

  6. Cee Pluse

    Your constant kindness to animals is one of the main reasons I love reading your blog. Good job, Frances! I wish everyone in this world was even half as kind and caring as you and your family.

  7. Margaret Robinson

    You all are just simply amazing and come fully equipped with extra large hearts! I hope the Boyzens will be pleased too. You did the absolute right thing taking them to your place!!!!!!!

    Good luck and just more to love –

  8. Linda Kirk

    They’re safe now! Best not to dwell on what might have happened to them if you hadn’t taken them in. Well done.

  9. diane in northern wis

    Frances… and your family have the biggest hearts! thank you for taking in those sheep. Hope all will be well with them.

  10. Vicki

    Those poor ewes. I’m glad you saved them. Without you, they probably wouldn’t live for much longer. Hope they recover good health and spirits.

    I’m finally caught up on many pages, and have to say, Monster looks stunning on crimson.

  11. Louise Stopford

    What a lovely heartwarming post Frances. So glad that you have got them home with you. You have a heart of gold and I wish there were more people in this world that were so kind to animals. Hope everyone gets along OK and it will be interesting to hear what the vet has to say on Monday. Like you, I would just not be able to walk away and leave them and yes, everyone does need love.

  12. Linda Loba

    Frances to the rescue again! Both sheep are adorable, and I’m so glad (but not surprised) that you rescued them.
    It’ll be interesting to see how they get on with the boys…

    Thank you for all your rescues


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