Firstly, huge apologies for the quality of the photos but honestly the weather is revolting and I am not taking a good camera out in this.  It’s just not worth it.  The light was rubbish too.

Anywho, every day, out I go (or at least someone does) to check the Minions.  I would love to say they run up to me like little Black Beauties, but a vague amble or a slightly animated scuttle is all I get.

I had counted out my carrots before I went over and there was one each.  Newt would not be told and followed me around with his ears flat back demanding more.  It was not a peaceful event. I was fending off teeth and he is knee-height.

Luckily, Tiddles made it all worth it. He is always charming and gave me my daily nose-kissey.

There is grass in them there hills and this lot are just not used to having to look for it.  Tough.

I told them this and was met with baleful stares of resentment.

Having run out of carrots, I beat a hasty retreat before I was taken hostage.





4 thoughts on “Unimpressed

  1. Sam

    Entry 4895 – The Lady refused to give The Newt my double helping of carrot. Duly noted in my 11th vol. of The Books Of Revenge. Also please to jot down the indignity of having to forage for grass to chomp instead of sliver service deliveries. I was most terrifying with my teeth gnashing. Until Tiddles did the “cute” trick.

  2. Linda Kirk

    Sweet picture of Newt. I think you’ve grossly exaggerated his air of menace. 🙂

    The nerve of some ponies who don’t know when they’re well off.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Just love the video of the horses coming towards you. They all look so huggable. Love those tall girls too.
    aww…only 1 carrot each?


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