Update: The Little Boys

We brought Efstur and Hjalti into the indoor school for a checkup and to see how they are getting on.

Obviously I spend time with them every day, but it is always good to have a second opinion – then I know if everything is going ok.

Well, little Efstur is growing like a weed – a darling boy going through the yearling giraffe-phase.  Funny to think that this time last year, Efstur was still in his mummy’s tummy.  How on earth did he fit?

Efstur’s main aim in life is to do “The Right Thing”.  There is no malice in him.  Such a little trier, too.

While Efstur was cantering, trotting, walking and tölting around the school, I could see he knew his legs could go in all these strange gaits but he didn’t actually know how, as they seemed to have a mind of their own!  Most confusing.

Hjalti is blossoming.  His incredibly big trot is jaw-droppingly gorgeous!  He is also showing tölt too and hopefully all this will come together when his time comes to be trained – probably when he is 4 years old.  We will see where his head is first.  But he is a nice strong lad and very easy to work with.

Now, this is a sight I love to see.

Haakon, the head of the herd, aged 23 years old, playing with the youngest of the herd, aged not even 1 year old.

And the best bit?  Haakon lets Efstur play back. It is not all one-sided or bullying. It is a game between two very different-in-age horses because Efstur loves playing and Haakon will teach him how to do it properly.

And that is how horses learn best.  Through other horses.


4 thoughts on “Update: The Little Boys

  1. Sam

    Your boys are growing up! Love how they move around the ring. And glad to see Big Boys and Little can play nicely.

    1. Frances Post author

      Dunno. They mostly reach about 13.3hh – 14.1hh. I haven’t measured the little boys (don’t have a stick big enough)!


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