Birthday Snow

It is snowing, fer cryin’ out loud.  This is the end of April.  Come on!  Bring me spring and some green grass.  We need it.

This is not something that cheers me up.  In fact, I worry.  Lambing is upon us and this kind of weather can often create tragedy.

Anywho, moving swiftly on.  It is a someone’s second birthday.  Darling Lambie is 2 years old today – hurrah!

And doesn’t he know it.  If I shout “whose birthday is it?”, there is a Lambie answer, bless, him.  He shouts back “Me”.

Lambie has spent most of the day coming in and out of the house (OH is working on another island, phew, saying nothing!)

Lambie is very over-excited at the moment (it could be the extra bisquits).

He will get his proper present tomorrow – when we go to town – The Big L.  Not sure what it will be, but I will know when I see it and yes, I did sing Happy Birthday to him.

Everyone joined in the spirit of the celebration.  Awww.

So happy birthday, Lambie. You have made it this far.  Here is to many, many more years.  He is a sheep who has changed my life.

16 thoughts on “Birthday Snow

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I hope the snow disappears quickly. We had a brief flurry this afternoon but it didn’t hang around. Happy birthday to Lambie!

  2. Sam

    A very Happy Birthday to Lambie! Can’t wait to see what Muzzah brings you as a treat. And we won’t tell OH that you tip-toed into the house after wiping your feet.

  3. Sally Richmond

    Snow! That’s just not fair! No wonder Lambie prefers the house. The tulips look very pretty against a snowy background though.
    I love your home. Ponies, Lambie and Co. wandering in and out. Oh and Happy Birthday Lambie. Xx

  4. Linda

    A great big Happy Birthday to Lambie! (and while I’m sure he’s changed your life, you saved his!!) Looking forward to seeing what you find for his birthday gift…

    Such a “poignant” Spring photo with the tulips and the snow. Silly tulips – they just couldn’t wait, I guess.

  5. Margaret Robinson

    That last photo says it all! Happy Birthday Lambie and lots of love. The years only get better, Dear One.

    FYI – We were in Munich days ago and it was snowing. Worried about getting home, but the snow was melting before it touched the ground. “Your” snow appears a slight bit more of the real thing.


  6. Nancy

    Happy Birthday, Lambie! From one April baby to another!
    I hope he has many, many more happy birthdays in the years to come!
    (He has changed my life, too, as I did not realize lambs could be so darn cute and lovable!!)

  7. Terri

    Happy Birthday Lambie! You are loved near and far! (I’m glad you’re making friends with Wu, very important.)

  8. Carina

    It´s snowing in Stockholm too )= quite enough of that for this year, thank you very much. We long for spring. Happy birthday Lambie! 2 years is such a respectable age and you look really handsome on your special day, I must say. Big boy. and so fast! I love the action shots with the wool bouncing. Hope you both have a great day together

  9. Louise Stopford

    Lambie is such a sweet looking boy. He sounds like he is being really spoilt, especially being allowed into the house. Wasn’t it Lambie that was at the vets a few weeks ago – how is he doing? Happy Birthday beautiful Lambie Boy.


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