Minion Therapy

If you have a bad day, go and see the Minions.

So off I went to Lyradale.

The Minions (and their female friends) make everything better.

I spent the afternoon with my little ones.

Apart from the fact that I go to Lyradale every day to change and refill the water for the pregnant Icelandic ladies, I wanted to find some perspective.

I have days like that.

Life is not treating me particularly well at the moment.

But, hey ho, who cares.

Minions always make everything better.

That is what they do.

Essential therapy.

Now the rest of the world can go and do one.

I have my little Shetland pony friends.

And that is all I need.

I even rent them out to others!

Best therapy ever.

If you are feeling low, go and sit with the Minions and their friends.

Everything is fine afterwards.

Honest, it is.  How can it not be?

9 thoughts on “Minion Therapy

  1. Sam

    Sorry your day is not grand. You do know you could open a “Bed & Minion” and people would come, right? I’d sign up!

  2. Jan

    Wish you could send the Minion therapy down South. I could have done with them myself. Hope the rest of the week is better for you.

  3. Darby

    I hope things will get better for you Frances. I know that watching your little ones even from afar adds much to my life.

  4. Diane Head

    Thank you so much Frances, your blog helps others to see things in a different light too. You make my day!

  5. Nancy

    Oooo, I so wish I could go and see the Minions when I am not feeling so great!
    I guess the next best thing is to visit your blog!
    Thank you for sharing your Minions (and other wonderful family members) with us!

  6. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Sure hope you’re feeling better after your time with such beautiful animals. And they seem to return your love too. What could be better? Take good care of yourself and them!

  7. Terri

    So sorry you’re not feeling 100%, hope Minion Therapy has a lasting effect….Um, do you send them abroad?


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