Spring Clean

Once, or even twice, a year, I brush the Minions.

They are not helpful and they don’t like it but needs must.

Tiddles was first and he had one of his meltdowns about his ears or forelock being brushed.  I managed to convince him that, despite what he thought, no one had actually died having their forelock brushed.  Grudgingly, Tiddles gave in.  He is now sporting a very fetching froufrou forelock.


I brushed everyone’s manes, tails, bellies and legs.


I think my little boys  looked beautiful in the Spring sunshine.

BN2A0394 BN2A0393

Someone told me a pony should have an “apple bottom”.  Storm has a lovely one.


His front end is not bad either (I think this was taken before I took the brush to him – Storm likes to wear his food so is a bit crunchy around the ears).


Talking of sheep…… (I know, isn’t Lambie the very definition of perfection?)

I found Silver talking to ‘Ster while he was waiting for his turn to be brushed.


‘Ster could run off if he wanted but he likes the ponies and enjoys playing their games, even the chewing-his-horns game.  At one stage, he was being chased round the school by Storm.  Both were giggling and ‘Ster was bouncing.

BN2A0388 BN2A0392

Spring is finally putting in an appearance.  I know this because everyone (even Iacs after a little persuasion) left the Temple of the Bale (all hail) and went down to the bottom field to eat grass.


Happy days x

4 thoughts on “Spring Clean

  1. Linda

    Happy days indeed!
    Such a SWEET photo of Storm & ‘ster…and love that Apple Bottom.
    I understand completely about Tiddles. When our dog gets her nails trimmed, she acts like we’re going to cut off her toes.

  2. Anne

    hi Frances,

    …..may confess that…even without having met the three gentlemen ( or musketeers)….I have
    lost my heart…they are irresistable!

    I enjoy reading your blog as I have a soft spot for shetland ponies….and Shetland. And I like the way you
    describe the personalities of all your animals.

    Have arranged my second visit to Shetland in August and will bring another Dane with me (return of the Vikings? but we promise to behave nicely).

    all the best from a Danish fan


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