Bittery and Bobbery

Today has been a day of doing the little things that need doing.

I popped over to Brae, for a friend, and took a photo of Busta House, a lovely hotel/restaurant.


And then, en route home, I saw a pair of swans on the loch.

BN2A0414 BN2A0415

Anywho, upon my return, I found Esja being ridden and so took a few photos of her.


Esja has made huge progress and her new owner adores her.


For a nearly five-year-old Icelandic horse, Esja is mature, happy and going very nicely for her owner.  I love her ears in this photo – all listening.


Meanwhile, as it was raining, I brought Brá in as I wanted to get her dry and put on her proper waterproof rug.  Brá has lost her coat far too early and I would hate her to suffer because of it.

She also has very “gooby-crunchy” eyes so I put some eye ointment in.  For a mare who jumps scared about most things, Brá just stood there letting me put the ointment into both eyes.  When I think of all the battles I have with the others, I stood back amazed at her reaction.  What a good girl.


Junk Food – ‘Ster and Lambie will eat anything.  This afternoon, I found ‘Ster munching my garden chair.


Lambie preferred an old plastic/foam bench.  He was very happily ripping it up.


I am not a huge fan of junk food, so I went into the other shed and found some hay.


It seemed to work.  The little munchers were diverted.


I wish they would leave my stuff alone.  I think they have me well trained.

2 thoughts on “Bittery and Bobbery

  1. Linda

    Love the brown-tint photos – very atmospheric!
    And (if possible) the lambs just keep getting cuter and cuter…


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