First Swim of 2016

We came back from a dog walk and I noticed there was a funny smell following me about.


I pinpointed the culprit when BeAnne came and sat next to me. The most noxious fumes wafted up to my nose.  I nearly passed out.  All fingers pointed at BeAnne Duvet.

Bathing BeAnne is a always huge deal for my back and involves both a mental and physical battle with much determination on both sides!

So, as it was a nice day, I took BeAnne down to Fleurad burn that runs through the fields.


Since it had rained profusely the night before, the burn was moving very fast


To start with, I thought BeAnne probably wouldn’t swim because of the swift current but no, I was wrong.  We threw bits of wood from an old leftover fence/wood pile and BeAnne happily jumped after them.

And then BeAnne rolled so all my good work trying to get her to smell a bit better was for nothing.  Now BeAnne stunk of something different – probably otter.  Luffley!


So I gave up.



2 thoughts on “First Swim of 2016

  1. Ray Dunkley

    got to love them
    can remember Brandy finding an exploded dead badger full of maggots at Ullswater to roll in 30 miles from where we were staying winter time and had to have windows open all the way across Kirkston pass ended up with buckets of warm water in the B&B carpark – boy did she smell

  2. Terri

    Why do dogs do this? (i.e., roll in smelly, rotten things) I read something about them wanting to make themselves unappetizing to predators, but, REALLY? I just don’t get it.
    However, the video of Her Maj swimming and then rolling on the grass afterward is absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing.


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