Everyone Has A Lesson

Hjalti had a lesson in having his hooves trimmed and then we ran him round the indoor school and put him through his paces.

It is always good to see him move and developing.

Next up was Efstur, who is our resdient yearling giraffe at the moment.

But we forgive him, because he has a nice trot.

He also offers a very natural tölt without being asked.  So all is good. The youngsters are doing very well.

Next up was me on Haakon.

We have lost our tölt.  It has gone for a number of reasons.  Haakon is fat, unfit and hasn’t been ridden for a while.  He has also only had front shoes on for a few months, which does not help.  I have not ridden him for months due to various reasons.

Over the past few days, I have been trying my best to find Haakon’s tölt but, to be honest, I have not done very well.

So I asked Bjørn, our Level 3 FEIF instructor, for help.  Not even 20 minutes later, Bjørn had us tölting round the indoor school like old pros.

Now, we just have to remember what he asked us to do so we can practice it forever.

And then it was everyone else’s turn for lessons.

Flossie rode her horse, Klængur.

And Daisy rode Kappi.

We are very lucky (I realise this) and Bjørn was invaluable. He taught us all so much and we spent the afternoon learning. To have a Level 3 FEIF Instructor on our doorstep is wonderful.

Meanwhile, some of us just watched.

(yup, Bardy goes everywhere with his Muzzah – how easily did I fall into this trap?)

10 thoughts on “Everyone Has A Lesson

  1. Sam

    Lovely to see all the boys going round the arena. As for the “bird trap”? You are a caring human who tries to see the good in all creatures. Period.

  2. Terri

    Really enjoy these riding photos — yes, you are very lucky to have such an excellent trainer nearby. Insanely jealous. Bardy is lookin’ good!

  3. Colleen

    You may find that Bardy is imprinted on you. Not sure how young he was when you got him ?? Since he was still downy, and not fully feathered. He definitely sees you as the food giver 😉 You might be able to release him BUT he may need to stick around and still come to you for food until he learns to forage on his own. Usually mum teches him that. Hope you don’t have to go out digging worms and chasing bugs. Maybe releasing him in your barn ?? Just a thought.
    In the USA starlings are considered pest birds. BUT I love all things feathered and furred so I have fostered some myself.
    We speak of critters (ours) who seem to love us for food, snacks etc. That it is a form of CUPBOARD LOVE.All the best with all your critters feathered, furred, and wolly too 😉

    1. Frances Post author

      Totally imprinted on me. Can’t be helped and it doesn’t matter. Here starlings are not considered pests at all and are in worrying decline.

      Bardy will, I hope and this is the plan, live in my indoor school with other starlings who come and go or he can hacpve his own cage and be a “house” bird if he must. Either way, home for life and always much loved. A feathered Minion.

      Also, I am imprinted on him. I wake to hear his chirp and know all is well.

      1. Colleen

        You are a kind soul. Glad that he will have mates when he fledges.
        All the best with your new feathered minion.
        I think you need to consider changing the name to Thordale Ark. 😉
        All the best.

  4. Linda

    The horses all look so beautiful!
    Oh, Frances you have “pet” starling! I’m so curious to see what happens when he fledges; I bet he doesn’t go too far away from his mom!

  5. Carina

    I have to know: how is Lambie? Outside? Inside? Still troubled? Any new TV-shows he has taken to? Fed up on biscuits? You see, I report back to my daughter about your furry and wooly friends every day in the car on our way to see our horse (yes, I know, just one horse, pitiful really) and I simply can´t come back another day with no news about Lambi. Not after how we left it last time we saw him. She is 17 and she has “enough to worry about” appearantly so you see why I have to deliver something 😉 She really is a big fan of his. Then again, who isn´t? I also want to say thank you for an excellent blog. The photographs are fantastic, the cast fascinating and the writing on point, couldn´t ask for anything more, keep up the good work

    1. Frances Post author

      Lambie is doing well. He is out all day (in the hill with his friends) and turns up to every evening to come home.

      We don’t mention his ears – it depresses him but, for a biscuit, he can manage to see the light of hope!

      Lambie comes inside when he wants. Sometimes he sits down and listens to the radio (classical music only). He knows what he likes.

  6. The Green Dogs

    Aww, that last photo of you and Bardy is adorable! <3

    (I wonder, you must get very dizzy spinning around taking photos as the horses fly around the school. That's a special skill!)


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