A Very Strange Day

Little LD is doing very well.

He spends much time wanting to be with me.

We’ve pretty much got the measure of each other.

He is growing and changing every day.

The feathers are nearly there and it won’t be long before he fledges.  He is also walking much better and is finding his balance while trying the wings.  Lots of pre-flight wing stretches and soon The Big Day will arrive.

He is still always hungry but we have reached an agreement.  He gets food regularly, obviously, and in return is almost “house-trained”, ie I know when he wants to poop and can pop a piece of tissue in the right place – almost.  There are still the odd few accidents.

But I do know LD hates pooping on me and really tries not to, which is interesting behaviour.

Today was our flute lesson and we had also filled the van over the weekend for a visit to the dump so my flute teacher and his wife very kindly looked after LD while we went on to town.  It was a big ask and I was very relieved when they said yes!  I knew he would be safe and fed regularly.

I also visited the pet shop and bought some toys for LD’s cage, which he studiously ignores or shouts at.

When we got home, Lambie was waiting to come in.  He marched in and sat down. I have no idea why he wanted to be inside but he does.

As I type, he is watching Real Housewives of Melbourne and now The Simpsons.  He has shared my packet of Quavers but said no to my Brewdog beer!

I also introduced him to LD.

It was a sort of success.  LD liked the wool bed.

A very odd day really. Why is Lambie indoors and refusing to go outside.  Most strange.

7 thoughts on “A Very Strange Day

  1. Jan

    I think that Lambie doesn’t want you to go away again. Or he is hooked on The Simpsons!
    Brilliant photos as always and I hope your mum is recovering well

  2. Sam

    I too think Lambie is worried you are traveling again. And maybe, just maybe a KitKat might happen to fall near him?

  3. Terri

    Oh, such sweetness! LD has already accepted you as his new mum, and Lambie knows that wool is a wonderful insulator and makes a warm bed for LD. Lambie is NEEDED inside! (keep those Quavers coming….)

  4. diane in northern wisconsin

    Love your blog so much Frances! Your little bird seems to have his mouth wide open all the time! If he gets so attached to you, will he want to stay instead of go? Love your Lambie….is he afraid of something outside? You have such a wonderful way with animals of every kind. It’s such a joy to see. Thanks for your always great pictures!

  5. Linda

    I wonder if a certain little lambie is jealous?
    (Anyway, it’s clear LD is in the bestest of hands…) 😉


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