Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day

First off this afternoon, on my way to work, I had to check the girls in their park in Sandness – 4 miles down the road.

Everyone was pleased to see me.  This is Lyra, looking magnficent.

I am not thinking that Fivla has put on weight again.  I refuse to entertain this thought.  She is happy.

Vitamin is the same old Vitamin. Still in charge of everyone and just the bossy as ever.

Delia is looking positively shining.  She moves so freely and happily in the warm sunshine.  Summer suits this old lady.  Winter takes its toll.

After my brief check on the ladies, I went to my work at Transition Turriefield – helping to set up the veg boxes.

I took LD or Bardy, as he is now known, with me as he has bonded only with me and gets difficult with strangers trying to feed him. At the time, it seemed the easiest solution and he travels well.

Bardy spent the first few hours in a travel purse around my neck.  He was perfectly happy there and it left me with two free hands to do my work without worrying about him.

When Bardy became a bit fractious and tiresome (probably hot), I put him in a washable veg box to enjoy the breeze of the door.

He was perfectly settled and happy there.

And so we got on with what we had to do – fill the veg boxes, label and pack veg for various local shops.

I think Bardy enjoyed the trip.  He behaved beautifully and was no trouble at all. So, take your Bardy to Work Day!

4 thoughts on “Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day

  1. Sam

    Take Bardy to work? Maybe. I did have a kitten to bottle feed, so Badfinger (19 white toes and one black one, that bad finger) traveled to and from work. What are your plans for Bardy?

  2. Margaret Robinson

    I took a look at Transition Turriefield and what a wonderful place with a lot of hard work by everyone (well, okay maybe not so much work for Bardy). You’ve managed to do in a small community what we all should do within our own area, so bravo, kudos and much luck!

    The horses look grand and Bardy is growing so fast! MMR

  3. Nancy

    Wow, the views are stunning in Sandness!!
    Beautiful green grass and blue, blue sky!!
    I wish I could feel the wind there!

    Bring your Bardy to work day! hee hee!

  4. The Green Dogs

    It was actually a bit jarring to see the sky so blue and the sun shining in your photos of the ponies. Shetland always seems cloudy and windy, or is that just me? It’s lovely to see the sun, I’m not complaining! 🙂


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