Eriskay Ponies in Shetland

When I was a-trippering a few days ago with my friends, we came across a small herd of Eriskay ponies on a hill.


They caught my eye and imagination and I wanted to find out more about them.  I phoned their owner and asked if I could go and take some photos.  Permission was given (I always ask, never assume) so I thought I would pop along this morning by myself and take a few pics.


I know nothing about Eriskay ponies apart from the fact that they are rare and now there are 2 mares, 2 foals and a stallion up here in Shetland.


Armed myself with my camera, I did the usual – climbed carefully over the fence, found a suitable dry flat rock and sat down.  I would not assume to go up to a herd – I like to wait for them to come to me first.


The stallion immediately clocked me but took his time before he wended his way down the hill to talk to me.  We exchanged the time of day and I noted he was a gentle soul and yes, I kissed his nosey.  He was that type of chap.


I will definitely go back, if I am allowed. I liked these gentle ponies.  They gave me the same feeling as Icelandic horses and Shetland ponies.


There was definitely a similarity in the way they thought.  I could see that.


Anyway, enjoy the photos – this is just a small selection. As always, I took a few.

BN2A1607    BN2A1585 BN2A1549 BN2A1542 BN2A1532    BN2A1706

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