Storm in a Teacup

Yesterday, after sitting outside with Lambie and Lambert, we went inside to escape the midges and make a cup of tea.

Then I thought, for some miracle reason, that the midges were not going to be as bad in the pony field so, taking our tea (Lapsang Souchong no milk no sugar, thank you for asking), we went and sat down on some flat rocks and waited.

Pretty quickly two of The Minions appeared – Waffle and Storm.

L1180120 L1180122

They took an inordinate interest in our tea.  Mandy offered some of her’s to Waffle.


And I offered some to Storm (I love his face).


Waffle liked tea and wanted the whole cup to himself.


While Storm went a bit silly because, well because he could! Caffeine Buzz?


Hard drugs, dontcha know!


So I sent him over to Mandy.


Meanwhile Silver wanted to see what all the fuss was about.


He drank most of my tea very happily and finished it off just as Storm returned to annoy.


So I gave Storm the empty cup to play with.

L1180151  L1180157

I suppose that is where the phrase “Storm in a Teacup” comes from!


2 thoughts on “Storm in a Teacup

  1. Linda Loba

    That Lapsang Souchong IS practically an illegal drug – I had one cup and felt like I’d had 2 pots of coffee!
    I bet, between that smokey smell and the caffeine, the horses loved it!


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