The Secret Life of Storm

Storm has a secret life.  He invented it all by himself – a regular Walter Mitty (obviously the Danny Kaye, Virginia MayoBoris Karloff version and not the new one – there, I’ve said it!)

Everyday Storm waits patiently with Taktur and I let them both out of the field, feed them Handsome-Prince food (I remain deranged but optimistic for Storm), and they go into the Fat Field – the one with lots of grass.

Obviously, this is not enough for Storm.  No, he wants more.  So everyday, he crawls under the fence into a huge field full of thick lush green grass.  But being a pony of very little brain and, because he can, Storm crawls under another fence via the burn (stream to you) into this field.

I have no idea why he does it but he does.  He stays here, happily stuffing, until I call him and with that he comes trotting enthusiastically up.


This is his silly-billy face and hairdo.


And this is his concentrating face.  He will be using this one if he ever gets near a show ring (no chance).


And so I open the gate back into the field where there is less grass but more friends.  Being Storm, he takes provisions because you just never know.


Being Storm, though, he is easily distracted by a small piece of rope.  Like I said, a pony of very little brain.

BN2A1739 BN2A1740 BN2A1742

Eventually, Storm remembers why the gate is open and goes through to the field with less grass but where the Fatties live.


Storm is such a darling little character, he doesn’t instantly bugger off and we have a nose kissey en route. I tell him he is very speshul every day.


Having established just how special he is, Storm then armed with confidence and derring-do, makes his way carefully to find the rest of his herd.


Everyday, it is the same routine.

5 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Storm

  1. Sam

    Hey, it may be a Secret Walter Mitty life but not that long ago it was a toss up if he’d even have a life. So carry on, Walter Storm, carry on!


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