Yak or Mountain Goat

Newt was looking particularly enchanting yesterday.

He had made it his mission to stand precariously on a particularly difficult slope looking pathetic.

Of course I totally fell for it.

And he came to talk to me.

A darling boy

with the most gorgeous little bottom too.

Or perhaps it is his short legs and teensy-tinesy hooves.

A scruffy little thing at the moment – actually they all are.  It is the time of year.  I rarely brush as the mud keeps them warm (well, that’s my theory anyway).

Newt is a darling chap, just more pocket-sized than everyone else. He is our smallest in stature but no one has told him this and as far as he is concerned he is about 17hh.  Shhhh, say nothing.  Never mention it.

He would hate to know he is the shortest.

So that’s Newt –  yak x mountain goat x Shetland pony.

5 thoughts on “Yak or Mountain Goat

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Aren’t the smallest always the ones who think they’re the biggest/tallest!!
    He is adorable and well deserved.
    You and yours are coping well, given all that’s going on? Stay well/warm/safe and healthy – all of you.

  2. Linda Loba

    Oh really, he is just the cutest, Frances. As you said, those tiny hooves, that little bottom; I just want to hug him, muddy or not!


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