Actual Proof

As it was calm today, we thought we would keep going with Efstur’s backing but this time Floss was on camera while I remained she-who-holds-the-rope.

Today Daisy put a saddle on first.  Efstur is used to that now.  It is in his training repertoire, along with Mr Scary Potentially Flappy Stirrups.  He lunges nicely with them on.

She lay on his back first.

And then got on properly.

Efstur had a think and a look at the “weird” feet things now hanging by his side.


The congratulatory carrot.

And then the same on the other side.  In Iceland, you mount your horse from either side. There is no rule.

I had a pocketful of carrots too.

Dismount and then this time Daisy mounted from the ground.

We stood for a little while.

More carrot.

And then this is Efstur’s first actual ever step with Daisy on his back.

And off we went. Daisy gave no input or instruction. That was up to me.

Efstur has already done a great deal of leading practice. He is very intuitive and understands body language.

Once round on the left rein and then we changed direction across the diagonal.

Another round in the other direction and then halt for his well-done carrot.

Then what we call “pervy touching”, ie Daisy touched his bum

His neck….

His other bum ….

And Efstur looked at those weird feety things again.

So there we are…. actual proof.  Well done Efstur and Daisy.

7 thoughts on “Actual Proof

  1. Sam

    WOW! Well done she-who-holds-the=reins, she-who-takes-pictures and she-with-the-weird-flappy-feet! And brave Efstur – you are growing up.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    And Frances. Couldn’t have done it without your bringing all the carrots and leading them around! He’s really quite good as this despite it being the first time for many things! Daisy is a marvel.


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