In the Wars (again)

“Oh, Lambie (** sigh **).  Why, just why?

You idiot boy.  You did this.  You made this happen.

You were all bouncy-flouncy yesterday morning, and you had a go at ‘Ster and ‘Bert to see if they wanted to have a good butting session and this is the result.  You lost the only nubbin of a horn you had and made it bleed down the front of your head.  You truly are not the brightest star in our firmament.

I really do despair because horns are not your strong point unlike others.”

Even ‘Bert has very slightly more though he did not start the Butting War.  He has been very cautious ever since the Horn Incident of 2019.  He does not take them for granted.

However Lambie did.  Spring is most definitely in the air. There is a definite bounce from the Boyzens and it can only result in tears and a bad mood.

And this is most definitely Lambie’s bad mood face.  Daisy and I had to corner him in the shed, stand astride him and get him a headlock to examine and then spray his head with antibiotic spray.  He hated me all day and only mellowed when we spent a good part of the afternoon sitting outside and talking him down from his misery cloud.

Such a cross face but it is all his own fault.

Happy Muzzah’s Day!

7 thoughts on “In the Wars (again)

  1. Lucy MacArthur

    How do they ALWAYS get things wrong with them at the worst possible time!!?? Not that there is ever a good time but really, really, really …?

    Fantastic writings albeit not about good happenings. Fingers crossed for Lambie and all of you! X

  2. Margaret Robinson

    No good deed goes unpunished. He needs you all to keep him as safe as possible. What a silly! However, you live with him and I can see why it would easily be trying sometimes. Good luck with the horn care.

  3. valerie ahlgren

    Dear Francis,
    For at least two or three years, I have enjoyed the adventures of you, your remarkable family and your family of animals, large and small, furred and feathered. Now, with this confinement due to virus, I find your news the best medicine of all. Thanks, and take credit for sending a bit of sanity out into this increasingly insane world. Blessings

  4. Linda Loba

    Any chance Lambie will have learned his lesson? (probably stupid question, right?)

    The sheepie ladies look so good and healthy!


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