Wot We Did Today

“Wot I did today by Frances…..”

Daisy rode Klængur because I wanted a second opinion on how he was going after all my hard work.

Daisy said ‘Klængur felt calm, safe and willing to listen. A dear boy – that he is”.

Success.  I am feeling very pleased.  Hours of just walking, bending and talking to each other has paid off (yes, I do talk to horses).


Floss had a riding lesson on Iacs from Anna.  She did brilliantly,  learned rising trot, steering and worked on her balance. Thank you Anna.  Hugely appreciated because it wasn’t me.

BN2A9111 BN2A9118

Wu was, just Wu (in case you are missing him).  We luffs him and feed him fish. We are his servants, obviously.


This afternoon, I took Haakon over to Jo’s have a wonky shoe removed as I didn’t want it to damage his feet..  Afterwards we took him and dogs for a walk on the beach.

BN2A9202 BN2A9227 BN2A9251

The tirricks (Arctic Terns) were on very good form and I enjoyed taking photos of them.


Anna decided to swim in the sea.  We decided she was mad and left her to her 4 minutes (how long you have to live in the water).


What?  Did you say 4 minutes?


So then Anna had this idea to take Haakon swimming.


He thought she was absolutely mad!


He smiled (to be polite, because he was brought up proper) and then dragged her out of the sea.


A strange but fun day – we all laughed and that is all that matters.

4 thoughts on “Wot We Did Today

  1. Linda

    Beautiful, wonderful photos (as usual – do you ever get tired of hearing that, I wonder).
    Wu is so aptly named – very “inscrutable” looking cat.
    Love the smiles on both Anna and Hakkon as they come out of the surf.
    And lastly, Iof course your horses! I have a lot of conversations with my dog, although she never gets my jokes…

  2. Cate

    Love the faces they make when the salt water gets up their noses! 🙂

    Love “tirrick.” Here in Newfoundland, we usually call them “stearins”, but there’s also an older name for them—“rittick”.


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