Luke, I am not your Father!

My handsome boy is home.  Indy Ping-Pong is back from his ladies (he was away visiting).


The herd rushed down, eventually, to see him.  All of them knew Indy, except for Kappi and The Minions, who were intrigued.


Indy went round every single horse/pony, politely introducing himself and there was not one argument, difference of opinion or anything.  The odd squeal but that was about it.

The minute The Minions set eyes on Indy, they were in love and decided en masse to make this handsome stallion their hero.

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Waffle was particularly taken with what he obviously thought was just a bigger version of himself.  Waffle is Indy’s “Mini-Me”.


He followed him around everywhere, whether Indy wanted it or not.


Indy, ever the perfect gentleman, let Waffle play games and responded gently.


I think he will be a very good influence on these three little rescue ponies.


Lord knows, they need someone to look up to who is utterly gorgeous, charming with perfect manners.  Hammy was not exactly an inspiration.


So Minions, may the horse be with you!  (ok, technically a pony, but did you see what I did there?  Geddit?)


5 thoughts on “Luke, I am not your Father!

  1. meg

    that indy is one handsome gentleman, how can a shettland look so magnificantly butch/macho?
    Fingers crossed that the visitations will lead to loads of lovely indy-babies 🙂


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