The Lads

So how are they getting on, I hear you ask?


Very well.  One big happy family (except for Andrew who has been renamed Greta Garbo, because he “vants to be alone”.)  Fine.  He can get on with it.  Fakur is keeping him company and the field is big enough for them to all co-exist peacefully.



Indy is cool with everyone.  He is definitely one of the guys and fitted straight back in the minute he came home.


He is always talking to his friends.


He genuinely likes The Minions and recognises them as his gang.  They take huge liberties with him and he doesn’t mind at all.


He sweetly guides them when the herd is on the move, never being pushy or scary to them.


Hammy is very happy to have little people who are less than him in the pecking order.


And Storm is best friends with BeAnne.


The Minions talk to everyone and they are looked after in the herd.  It is very nice to see.


I am so glad there is no arguing.  I hate fights and bullying.  Spending time with them all this afternoon was easy and peaceful.


Daisy and I just sat on the grass while the horses and ponies wandered around us, coming over to chat and spend time with us.


A perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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