I am worried about Millhouse Raw Deal.    Despite our ministrations (worming and teeth), she is not keeping on the weight.  She is 22 years old and we have had her since the beginning of our breeding programme at Thordale Stud in 2008.


She is eating well and has extra hard feed which she happily tucks into but the weight is not there. Her backbone is beginning to show and a hard Shetland winter is about to arrive.  We can give her shelter, unlimited food including hard food and monitor her progress.  If she is still not maintaining her weight, then we will make the final decision.


Born in 1992, she has had 6 foals in her life and was the Royal Highland Show Champion in 1996.


Delia, as we call her, really is a lovely kind easy girl who was the best mother to Carina, Gwendolinda and Kiki.  The sort of “lady” you can lead about by her chin hairs and she would never have an objection.  Well, you know what I mean!


I can’t really imagine the herd without her solid self being around, baby-sitting when required and teaching everyone how to behave.  One of our original matriarchs but she is slowly going down the herd hierarchy and that is always sad for dominant mare.  Her eyes are sad too.  She looks tired.


Pooh.  I hate these decisions and I hate them looming. I feel so useless.  22 is no age.


So fattening vibes for Raw Deal please.  She is a dear girl.

11 thoughts on “Worried

  1. Mandy

    Poor old lady… it’s so sad that they age faster than we do. All the best, Delia, some fattening vibes en route…


  2. Linda

    Healing vibes definitely sent.
    I’ve seen it with our dogs, after they turn 11 or so. It’s a slow process though, Frances. One of our mals started losing weight but he wasn’t ready to leave this world for another 3 years. And those years were happy, pretty comfortable ones at that. Going through that now with our 12 1/2 year old now.
    Enjoy her, love her, and you’ll know when the time comes. (But I’m certain you know all this…)

  3. Alison

    Have you had a Cushings test done on her. It might be worthwhile. Being on Prascend has given a new lease of life to our oldies.

    1. Bettyann Seablade

      I have a 30 year old who didn’t lose weight but got very sick from hay. Her teeth are bad and she does not chew properly and got bowel problems. She is now on grass and supplemented with senior food pellets and doing well and peppy. I even use her for beginner driving lessons and seems to enjoy the work. She does have cushings but it is managed with pergolide and ADP plus.

  4. Sam

    Thinking of you and Delia. It’s maddening how critters can’t use their words to tell us what the problem is. I know you will give her everything she needs and more so.

  5. Frances Post author

    Thank you for all your kind comments and healing vibes. I went to the Feed Merchant today and looked at their range. I bought a big bag of barley rings and we will try her on those, chaff and beet. See how she goes but thank you again for your help. x

  6. Linda

    Lots of love magnificent mare! I hope she has more lively and enjoyable days ahead. I know you are doing your best over there…


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