The Marts

Today was the show and sale of registered pedigree Shetland ponies in Lerwick, Shetland’s capital.

There were over 100 ponies present and the place was fairly full with a live web-cast auction too so folk south could bid as well.

I wandered about with my camera, chatted to various breeders, buyers and spectators and gazed with my hands stuck into my pockets at the wide selection of Shetland ponies.  I did not get a bidding card and I did not buy anything despite falling in love with three little minis.

A delicious ginger nut colt….


And two black and white girlies.


I would say that the prices were not brilliant but breeders took their stock back rather than sell for pennies and I applaud their choice.

The Marts consist of a large penned area behind the sale ring.  There the ponies are allocated pens according to their Stud.


There is plenty of room and lots of straw.  Every pony has a constant supply of fresh water and hay.


But it is a long day for the foals who are weaned and in a very new environment.


They are with their friends and I am sure that helps.

L1120482 L1120486

In the front of the building is the ring where we all sit or stand.


I tried very hard not to move, blow my nose or twitch just in case I end up having bought something!

(when I took this photo, I had a horrid feeling, I had just acquired another!)


If you are a seller, you have the chance to talk to the auctioneer and tell him what you want so you don’t have to sell if you don’t think the price is good enough or whatever.


After the sale, they leave the ring, if sold and go to the various shipping pens.


They are marked so they are successfully sent to their new homes.



The whole thing runs like clockwork due to the hard work of everyone behind the scenes.

And there is always The Raffle.  Every Shetland event has a raffle. It is The Law, I think.


Travel safely little Shetland ponies from Shetland.  I hope lovely homes are waiting for you.








7 thoughts on “The Marts

  1. Linda

    Super photos and now I understand how a true and authentic Shetland pony auction goes. I do also hope these wee pony ambassadors will be well loved and happy in their new homes.

  2. Terri

    Omigosh, they are adorable! It’s sad that they have to leave their friends (and possibly Shetland) and go to a new home, but hopefully they will have good, happy lives with kind and caring owners like you, Frances. Thanks for sharing this aspect of raising ponies. I know it’s how things work, but…sniff.

  3. Debi

    We bought two lovely ponies from the sale, Breckenlea Giovanna & Benstonholm Paris. We hope they have good trip to Aberdeen on the ferry & can’t wait to bring them from there to their new home in Edinburgh. They will join our little herd of miniature Shetlands so will be in good company & will hopefully enjoy being out & about at a few shows next year.


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