It was a morning of morons.  The type that make you think if they had a brain, they would be dangerous and they were infecting my day.


*** sigh ***

So what better cure than going out for two fast rides on the Icelandic horses.  Bjørn and I tölted our horses like demons and put the world into perspective.


Afterwards, as the sun was still shining, BeAnne took herself off paddling.  I like to keep an eye on her when she does this as the burn can be fast especially after rain.


She loves the water and never has to be asked twice if she is going “swimmbig” (said with adenoidal twang).

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BeAnne’s new best friend, Storm, stood nearby utterly intrigued.


You could see his little thought processes working overtime.  I expect it won’t be long before we see him in the water.


So BeAnne ignored him, found something utterly green and stinky to roll in instead


I love the smile of total bliss on her face as she imagines my eyes watering when I discover the source of the green pong.


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