Winter Sunshine

It was a beautiful calm Shetland winter’s day.  Just stunning.  Blue sky, crisp sparkly ground covered in more snow.

Monster was in his element.  Now you see him…..

And now you don’t!

What cat?

There is no cat!

But I did see the boys lying down and enjoying the sunshine.  Their coats felt very warm despite the snow.  Taktur was lying down with his sons and heirs, while Kappi was separate in the feeding area.

Taktur and Hjalti were together.

Dreki was nearby.

All snoozing gently.

It was very peaceful and I am glad they were relaxing.  We have had some filthy weather and I am sure it is very wearing all round.

The bottom lip of total relaxation was out.  You can almost hear the snoring.

Almost…… Hjalti was trying to not fall alseep.  Trying so very hard.

He gave in.

Now where did I leave that cat?  Who knows.

3 thoughts on “Winter Sunshine

  1. diane in northern wis

    Thank you Thank you for the beautiful pics of beautiful horses! And of course….I love that invisible cat!

  2. Linda Loba

    Good for the ponies – getting a warm Winter’s snooze in the sunshine!

    (and a little of Mother Nature’s camouflage for Monster…)


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