Spot the Pony

Over to Leradale in the snow this afternoon (driving OH’s teensy-weensy eggbox 4×4 car that makes a funny noise).

We were warmly greeted.

Mother and daughter.  So alike in many ways and then suddenly all I can see is a young female Taktur.

While Flossie distributed carrots to the higher echelons, I played a quick game of Spot the Pony.

We will start with the easy ones – five here.

And three here. It’s getting harder now.

More snow was looming but, as ever, Leradale was very atmospheric and beautiful.

Flossie bravely marched into the throng to fairly dish out her carrots while Storm came up to see if I had anything better, like, you know, a whole bar of chocolate or a cake.

i didn’t so he had to do with a nose kissey (and wait for Floss’ return with his share of carrotitude as she is completely 100% fair).

Storm enjoyed some salt lick with Lilja who was hopping about trying to get my attention.

Tiddles arrived and looked wonderful in the dismal winter sunshine.

More carrots and now the rest deigned to follow Flossie.

It was beyond freezing.  We didn’t not stay long.  We wanted to but it really was very cold.

You can see that despite being wet on the outside, no one is actually soaked through, so I am not worried.  Shetland ponies are doing what Shetland ponies are supposed to do in winter – look for food and lose some of their summer weight, please.

Floss and I walked back up the hill to be met by two fat ladies.  Both are fairly hefty but Brá is possibly now officially ginormous.  There is no doubt they are both pregnant.  No doubt at all.

4 thoughts on “Spot the Pony

  1. Sam

    Such a delightful assortment of noseys to look at. Spot the Pony is a fun game!
    And bebes in the spring – WOOT! WOOT!

  2. janet ainsworth

    perfect end to Up Helly Aa…your post is a joy to read and those photos are wonderful!..Thank you Frances for sharing your day to day life..always entertaining and I learn so much ..thank you

  3. Linda Loba

    Everyone looks hale and hearty (and well-coated for the weather). I just love those nosies!
    Looking forward to impossibly-adorable foals to come 🙂


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