Noseys Through the Gate

We couldn’t find the Minions so reckoned they were at the “Top of the World” part of their field.  Bravely (the ice is very nasty) we drove up the hill to find them.

We were right. There they were.  Noseys through the gate waiting for their carrot.

It’s a skill.  Honestly if they could beg, they would!

It is lovely at the Top of the World.

Everyone looked very pretty.

And it reminded me that I need to come with my brushes and do something with them. I don’t know what really – probably wave them about a bit. I am not good at brushing or housework, funnily enough. Not my thing.

How much should I charge for kisses from Newt?  A million pounds?

Outside is very beautiful but hard work. The waterpipes are freezing and everyone needs feeding all the time (it feels like).

Meanwhile, back at home, Taktur has something on his nose and no one wants to say anything because that would be rude, but really someone should.  It will probably be Iacs!

4 thoughts on “Noseys Through the Gate

  1. Sam

    It seems the Minions have watched “Oliver” one too many times!
    As for a fee to kiss a Newt Nose? At least his body weight in carrots.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    And we thought it looked cold back East! I can’t imagine your going up there and feeding, let alone trying to brush anyone.


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