Who Wore it Best

This sunny Shetland afternoon, Floss and I sat in the Minion field waiting for our friends.

I was wearing a sun hat, which I was forced to take off.

So I popped it on various volunteers.

First up was Albie.

He wore it well.  With a certain je ne sais quoi.

Then there was Storm.

There was a bit of jealousy from Tiddles who had a bit of a hankering but was not brave enough.

Storm loved this hat – after all it is a “Peter Storm” hat.

It stands to reason really.  The look.

The hat frequently swapped between Albie and Storm.

It was a competition of who wore it best.

To me, there were no winners or losers.

Each had their own flair …..

….. and style.

Even a friend was brought in to give an opinion.

So, who wore it best?

You say.

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