Dear Lambie

A day with Lambie (et al) is spent with him mostly sitting outside the house waiting for permission to come in.

There are certain factors that have to come into play before Lambie is allowed indoors, namely OH has to leave the house and go to work!  He is not a fan of letting Lambie in the house.

Once inside, it takes a while for Lambie to settle down, even with his favourite radio station playing.  He needs to reacquaint himself with his surroundings and introduce himself to the locals.

But once settled, Lambie is happy.

And he quickly goes to sleep.

Sometimes Lambie has to change his position but he quickly sits down again.

And nods off. Truthfully, Lambie is no trouble.  He loves being in the house (and I love having him here).

If I am going outside, the Boyzens tend to follow for a while, either taking themselves into the hill or to come with me on my daily walk.

Today, they came too. It was nice to have the company.

There was a certain amount of argy-bargy so I swiftly disowned them.

And so did Lambie.  He hates being hassled.

I miss not being able to take Haakon with me on my walks but he is very stiff and footy so having time off for the time being.

Never mind, there is always an aternative volunteer.

These days I am rarely lonely!

5 thoughts on “Dear Lambie

  1. diane in northern wis

    Such a nice post. I love the pictures of Lambie curling up on the pretty red rug in your house. He looks so comfy and pampered. How nice that you can let him in like that sometimes. Must be hard to put him back outside again, though. So nice that you have companions for your walks. Your posts make me smile!


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