A Field in Shetland

I have just discovered GarageBand on my ‘puter – I may be the last person in the universe to do this but it is fun.

So I have been playing and “creating” in the loosest sense of the word.

Today’s mission was to make a film to accompany my latest masterpiece while sitting in the field with the Minions .  They were the closest and the most willing of subjects.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy my film.  The theme was watching the Shetland ponies in the field with my youngest daughter, Flossie.  A perfect afternoon.  Lilja comes under the title of “Artistic Licence” as she wanted to be in every shot.

The YouTube Version – I am just trying to upload a HD version on Vimeo. It may be some time!

Maybe I will stick to my day job.



8 thoughts on “A Field in Shetland

  1. Judith Garbutt

    You make me ashamed of my lack of techie skills! The ponies are so adorable and your daughter makes a lovely model!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Brava – this is wonderful! When on youtube I also saw a shoot of Shetland – interestingly no town shots, just around the islands.

    You did this so well, keep it up and you have the most perfect models, both human and equine.

  3. Susan White

    Really sweet. Well done. Everyone looks so happy and well fed and looked after. The music is very apt for this lovely wee piece.

  4. Louise Stopford

    You clever lady Frances. Absolutely loved the video – please, please do some more. The ponies look SO well and Lilja is beautiful, bless her.


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