Whirlwind Day

Well, now there is playing which is good and arguing, which is fine too.  No one cares. They all have to sort themselves out.  This morning Ted snapped at Pepper so Monster biffed Ted.  A circle of life, sort of!

And yes, we have snow. A smattering.

I took Ted out first thing and then went to help OH and Floss with their morning animal routine.  Lambie ran over to see me, when I called and then remembered he didn’t know who I was (payback time).

Floss and I popped over to Leradale to check the five Minions living there – Vitamin, Waffle, Silver, Newt and Fivla.

Tiddles has laminitis again and as Storm and Albie are very fat, they have joined him.  Apparently there was lots of warm weather which has not helped anyone – too much grass despite being on a hill park with nothing.  Dammit.

OH and I took Pepper and Ted out for a walk in the big field.  Ted started off on a lead, but I soon gave up and unclipped him.

He was thrilled and raced around so happy with Pepper behind.  BeAnne’s fluorescent tankini fits beautifully.

Back at home, this afternoon, as the sun was setting, I had a quick chat with the sheep.

‘Ster was first up. Lambie said he had no Muzzah.

The girls look good. Particularly Edna who has no teeth now.

Harrel the Barrel is small but rotund.

Maggie is much tamer and remembers me (I am so pleased).

‘Bert is greying around his muzzle.

And Lambie decided I might be allowed to talk.  Might.  Nothing else.

The horses are all fine – fat and happy.

Even the old men.

And then suddenly Lambie snuck up to tell me I was his Muzzah and my heart melted.  It is so good to be home.

The Winning Smile!



10 thoughts on “Whirlwind Day

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Lovely to see the dogs having fun and good to see the ponies but sorry to hear about the recurrance of laminitis. Fingers crossed that it clears up quickly. I’d noticed the warmer than usual temperatures in Shetland so I guess you’ve probably had a late autumn flush of grass – it’s certainly been growing in north east England. I suppose there’s always the possibility of Cushings but, hopefully, it won’t be that.

  2. Linda

    So wonderful to see you back home, in your animal kingdom!
    I’m sorry about the laminitis, but “it’s always something” isn’t it?

  3. Michelle

    Oh, Ted and Pepper; be still my heart! And that Monster defended “his” puppy – adorable! Your mother would be beyond pleased to see them so happy together. Hugs to all for the huge loss and the small gain.

  4. Sherry Walter

    That boisterous play is wonderful for both dogs! We all know, a tired dog is a good dog. As a side note, I had a gelding on meds for Cushings for six years, he did very well.

  5. diane in northern wis

    Your post today just warms my heart. For you to be seeing all your beautiful critters again and checking in and checking up on them is so wonderful. Glad Lambie came around and glad Ted is doing so well. How interesting that Monster bopped him on behalf of Pepper! Hope your horses with laminitis can be helped!

  6. Kris

    Very glad you are safely home and your four-footed family is intact and happy to see you. Love seeing how Monster, Ted and Pepper are sorting out their places.
    Here’s hoping the laminitis is only a temporary glitch.

    Are the ducks still there?

  7. Amy

    So glad to see you back home again, and Ted settling in so nicely to the home menagerie. Somehow I feel like your mother knows. At least I hope so. Blessings and peace to all in your family, human and animal.


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