Snow Day

Our smattering of snow has gained momentum – suddenly it grays over and then there is a good flurry.

While we were feeding everyone first thing this morning, the snow started.

I gave Taktur his grub and he gave me his best Handsome Prince. Swoon. ❤️

Dreki was grinning inanely.

And I opened the gate, once Taktur had finished his bucket, and let everyone into the paddock where they share their two haynets.

They are good at this.  Never a cross word.  It is easy.

Lucky Kappi had bagged one for himself.

Meanwhile, in another field, the old men and ladies were eating their buckets of food. It is really only Haakon and Iacs that need their TurmerAid, but the others get the very definition of a smidgen of nothing to keep the peace.

The day was revving up but in a beautiful, if snowy, way.

Iacs being Iacs.  Note the snowy silly frilly.

On tomorrow’s shopping list are 10 new buckets.  We seem to get through them this time of year. I can’t think why!

Smiling Sóley – such a pretty girl and very grown up now.

While Floss cleaned and refilled the water buckets, she had help.  Always help.

Once done, we went indoors for our breakfast. Animals before people. That’s the rule I was taught.

11 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Robyn

    Lovely photos Frances. My daily Shetland fix 🙂
    That was the rule my Dad taught me too, many years ago – animals get seen to first, and rightly so.

  2. Jayne

    If the whole world was taught “animals before people” we might be in a much better place.
    Animals fed first, wet dogs dried off first, always. xx

    Has Ted met the ponies yet?

  3. diane in northern wis

    Your snowy fields and the snow on the horses is beautiful! And wow what interesting skies you have….the clouds look so dark and threatening. I’m so tickled that you’re back home again amongst all your favorite pals. You do such a wonderful job of caring for them and are blessed with great helpers in your family too. Thank you for a great blog, Frances!


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