Home – Phew!

Ted was brilliant on the journey. He really manned up, staying clean in his kennel and is now completely cured of whining (who knew a 2 day journey including 14 hours on a boat could do this?)

Anywho, leaving our long and arduous travels well behind us, Ted and I arrived home at about 8.00. Pepper was delirious to see a new dog (read victim). I however was chopped liver and I think she doesn’t remember me at all.

The two dogs sussed each other out.

And Monster watched.

While I wouldn’t say Ted is thrilled with Pepper, having spent all his life wanting to play with another dog, Pepper is besotted with Ted.

On a good note, Ted has obviously lived with cats before. He had three homes before Mum so somewhere there was a cat in all of that.  Monster got in a few “pervy sniffs”.

And then promptly sat in Ted’s spare bed to make his point. Something about Ruling The World.

Lunchtime.  My travel bag fell in a puddle when I arrived home.

Someone had a telling-off for being a total brat who seems to have lost the art of listening or doing what she is told.

And so now peace reigneth and I think all will be well if a certain Princess can calm down and behave herself.  I moved Ted’s lovely pink fluffy bed to live under my desk where he is currently sleeping while I type this.  That is where BeAnne used to live.

I wish I could tell Mum that Ted is happy.  She would want to know this.

24 thoughts on “Home – Phew!

  1. Celeste

    I’m so glad you both are home safe and sound. That family picture on the sofa is priceless! I hope Ted, Pepper and Monster continue to live harmoniously. You must be relieved to be back in your natural environment, a good place to process all the feelings I’m sure you have about saying goodbye to your mum. Now you have all your four legged friends to love and support you too.

  2. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth

    I’m sure your mother knows that Ted is happy and you’re home. And I’m so glad you’re home safely after such a long time away. I hope everyone settles down beautifully for you.

  3. Kate Woolley

    Dearest Francis, you dont have to wish that your Mum knows Teddy is happy, she alreadyknows. So relieved you are home and all is well. Teddy fits in so well ❤️

  4. Louise Whyte

    Your mum was able to die peacefully knowing that Ted was going to be fine, and he will be with his besotted camp follower. Pepper will soon remember you, and Monster will rule.

  5. Jayne

    Good to know you are all home safely.

    I have a big lump in my throat – I did not know Ted had been in three homes before your Mum cared for him, do you know the circumstances of him having to be rehomed so often? So you are now the fifth family, poor dear lad.

    I’m guessing there may be some very deep sleeps tonight?

  6. Sue Bramwell

    I am so glad you are safely home.
    Having seen the weather forecast I was worried.
    Your Mum will know that Ted is safe and loved.

  7. Dona

    So glad to hear you are home safely and all the “kids” are getting along with each other. Such a great family photo on the couch.

  8. Judith Garbutt

    Thank you for sharing your homecoming – it must have been rather emotional. And lovely to see Pepper and Monster making Ted feel at home. xx

  9. Sam

    So happy you are both safely home. Kudos to Mum who took in Dear Ted. She knows he is happy with you. Love the family photo of most everyone happy on the sofa.

  10. darby callahan

    very glad to see that you and Ted arrived home safely and that Ted, Pepper and Monster seem to be getting along or at least tolerating each other. love the family photo.

  11. Linda Kirk

    Glad you arrived home, safe and sound and in the nick of time I think, as a storm is on the way. Your Mum knows Ted is happy and that he’ll be loved.

  12. diane in northern wis

    Congrats on making it back home safely and with Ted. What lovely pictures you’ve shared with us today. They make my heart happy to see you back home. Oh Frances, I think your Mum knows all that you’ve done for her and all that you’re doing for her Ted. There are some things we just can’t understand in this life, but I have no doubt that someday we will.

  13. Louise Stopford

    Glad that you are home safe and sound (both of you). Looks like the introductions went amazingly well. I think Monster is an absolute hero – what a top cat he is and he so rightly deserves to rule the world.

  14. Deb

    So glad you are back home. The family picture needs to be framed. Your mum knew Ted was in good hands as soon as you and Flossie arrived. I would say Ted knows too.

  15. Dot

    That last photo is especially beautiful, wishing Ted happiness with his new home and family. Glad you had a good journey and got home safe.


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