While They Went Out

So, while Bjørn rode Haakon leading his new horse, Elvar, and Daisy rode Iacs (aka Mr Bimble), I waited around to see who came home first with, or without, their rider.  It has been known mostly by me.  Last time I did this many years ago, I fell off!

Anyway, you just never know.  Some experiments can go horribly wrong.  Bjørn had asked that Daisy accompany them to help in case something happened.  She also carried a long dressage stick to tickle Elvar’s bottom if he put the brakes on.

Meanwhile little Efstur was hanging round the gate and felt horribly left out.  He is desperate to do “stuff” but is far too young.  We don’t go near them until they are at least a very mature 3 year old but better to be 4.  So Efstur has a while to wait.  He is easy to catch, put on a head collar, lead and pick up his feet as a yearling so he doesn’t need to learn anything more from me.

Far better to be with his friends in the field.  That would be Hjalti, who is at the same place in his training but absolutely no “idiot factor” is tolerated.

The riders were away for a while so Floss and I sat outside with a sandwich and then Flossie went to talk to her Icelandic horse, Klængur, while I pottered about taking photos.

We waited to hear hoofbeats and then three Icelandic horses appeared on our track coming over brow of the hill.

Everyone looked fine, in control, and I think the whole training episode was a success!

Afterwards, Newt went over to Elvar to tell him who was the boss of this herd.

So Elvar knew.

Because it’s important.

To Newt.

🎃 👻 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 🎃 👻

2 thoughts on “While They Went Out

  1. Terri

    The photo of Efstur at the gate, looking longingly, is so touching. I’m glad Efstur and Hjalti have each other. Elvar is a(nother) beautiful horse. For such a wee pony, Newt has a big personality!
    Happy Hallowe’en to everyone at Thordale! BOO!

  2. Sam

    Glad Newt sorted things out with the new guy. Rules must be known!
    Thanks for the last picture. I hope these Trick or Treaters got a biccie.


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