The Little Peoples

This morning the “little peoples” escaped their field.

It was totally my fault. When Daisy brought the big ones through – Iacs and Haakon – (I was on gate duty), I only shut the gate by throwing a rope loop over the top of the post.

In my defence, no one has ever snuck through before mostly because they are too fat.

And so I turned my back, et voilà!

Stupid, stupid me!  Albie and Newt had arrived.

They are fed up of their field and wanted out.

How could I say no. That little face.

This is Albie’s swallowed-a-button face – über deliciousness.

My two little boys are sweeties who rely on me loving everything they do and, of course, I adore having them around.

Again, how could I say no?

So, once into the new field, it was “heads down and eat”!

To be honest, I struggled to get the cute shots because they would not lift their heads from the new grass.

They were not alone in this field.

The Boyzenberries were also around.

And yes, there was chasing and yes, I did shout at Albie to stop chasing sheep.  A new low that will not be tolerated but one shout stopped it all.

Ster was looking very Magnificent (with a capital M).

And then Newt had a bit of a chat with ‘Ster.

OMG!  They are the same size!  I think I need a bit of a lie down.  Who is bigger – sheep or Shetland?

I ❤ my little peoples. They make me smile. Life is good when you smile.




5 thoughts on “The Little Peoples

  1. Terri

    Lovely photos of your “little peoples”! They make me smile too. You can’t blame Albie and Newt for wanting to be closer to their mum!

  2. Sam

    Ster is rather the Handsome Poster Boy of Sheeps. But the side by side of him and Newt – well that slayed me! Have to give the Bozenberry this win. Sorry, Newt!


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