My turn today to walk the dogs and check the chaps at Leradale so off I traipsed.

When we got there, the ponios were miles away, on the side of the hill where there was no wind.

It was blowey out and they know where best to stand all together in a close huddle.  Shetland ponies are very weather-savvy.

I gave them all the carrots I had in my pockets, breaking them up so everyone had a few pieces.  All fairly shared out.

And then I left them all to get on with my dog walk.  Only I was not alone. I had a follower.  A small soggy hopeful little chap – Storm.

BeAnne (and Loki far away in the distance) and I walked along the side of the hill.

I looked behind me and there were more friends behind me.

My dear little ponios who wanted to accompany me on my dog walk or, more likely, find out if Storm had found more carrots about my person.

Then they all, to a pony, cantered past giggling.

I am sure I heard sniggering.

Delia brought up the rear.  She even cantered which cheered my heart.

There were moments of siliness (Waffle and Silver having a quick bounce on a hillock!)

Every so often, I would be “surrounded”. 

It was a dramatic sky and Waffle did his best to do the noble Shetland pony steed look.   

Onwards and upwards we went and, still, I had my followers.

Always led by Storm.  You have to admire his optimism or perseverance.

After a while, the ponies galloped off and left me to take the dogs home.

I love it when I am followed by friends.  Only friends, please.  No wierdos.

5 thoughts on “Followers

  1. diane in northern wis

    Love all your friends following you about as you go on your dog walk. What a wonderful series of pics of your ponios! Love your blog, Frances! Thank you!

  2. Louise Stopford

    What wonderful “friends” you have. Such sweet, friendly little ponies. I would want to wrap them up and put them in a nice warm stable but I realise (after reading your blog) that is not what a Shetland pony would want.


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