Went for a Drive

We recently took possession of this little treasure – introducing the Suzuki 4×4 Eggbox!  I am very happy and feel much safer driving around especially in the winter months.   This will get me across the hill and the four wheel drive has already got me out of a few snowy/black ice scrapes.  We still have Mum’s Jazz, though I have currently lent it to a friend in need.  I can’t bring myself to sell it as it was my Mum’s last car (silly, I know).  It costs almost nothing to run and is less thirsty than the Eggbox.

So today Floss and I set sail in the Eggbox to deliver a late Christmas present that had arrived in the post-Christmas delivery.  After the delivery, we thought we would go and find some spectacular waves to photograph…..

A flat calm at Garderhouse Voe

Barely a wave at Silwick

But I did like the hill there.

And then off to Westerwick.

And Westerwick from the other side.  Note, not a wave to be seen.  We decided the other side of the island had probably the rough seas and there they could stay.  We were going home to lunch.

I spent my afternoon making this little chap to join his Mum.

It is vile outside.

6 thoughts on “Went for a Drive

  1. Sam

    No better feeling than a safer car in the winter. And not giving up Mum’s car is not silly. Lending to a friend in need would make your Mum very happy and proud. Little Miss Maine Coon agrees with Monster about the weather, but she brags she has a heating pad to slumber on. But then she is very old, very skinny and needs the pad.


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