Penthesilea’s Winter Job

Penthesilea, my Amazonian duck, is single-beakedly digging up the path to my shed.

She did it last year.

It is her constant winter chore and one she takes very seriously.

Luckily, for my last birthday, OH gave me some path tiles laid to my shed so I can walk safely and cleanly along through the mud or wet ground.  They are a god-send.

In my stocking, Father Christmas (though possibly OH) gave me these three beauties and I am pretty convinced they depict Muscovy Ducks as a breed.  They look not dissimilar to my lot.

The perfect sheep garland is a Christmas prezzie from another friend. It makes my shed “very me”. I love it.

While I worked at making a sheeple out of Harrel-the-Barrel’s fleece…..

…… out of the window I could see Penthesilea still at her job working hard.  She is a duck on a mission.

Luckily, for me and my feet, she followed me out to eat her tea.

As did the rest of her family.

And thank you for those who asked – Daisy made it home safely to Glasgow.  Phew.

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